Hey, Listen! Changing blogs!

so I finally made up my mind. Instead of deleting, I’m just gonna move to a new blog entirely.
Except I’m not giving my new URL out to everyone.

Basically, if we’re in a mutual follow, of if you’ve spoken to me before, then I’ll gladly link you
Or even if you haven’t, and you’d just like it anyway, then all you have to do is send me an ask. <3

I follow SO many blogs (almost 500 jfc) and so many people follow me, it’s hard to keep track of everyone haha and I’m constantly forgetting.
It’s really easy for me to lose touch w/ people and I don’t want that to happen anymore

I’ll still be reblogging the same stuff, and making edits of the same stuff pretty much.

So yeah, that’s all I wanted to say. Feel free to unfollow me here because I will not be posting anymore. If you do unfollow, then farewell, and thank you for putting up with me :P And if you do want my URL, just ask, and I’ll catch yeh on the flipside~~~ I’M FOLLOWING ERR’ ONE BACK. YEAH.

Btw I will be queuing this post once a day for a week just so everyone gets the chance to see it.